About Us
“We're all working together; that's the secret
Jordan Energy Technologies - JET has been established in 1991 it specializes in providing professional air conditioning solutions for Jordan’s commercial, residential and governmental market sectors. In 1996 JET was officially appointed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as Jordan’s sole distributor for its product line RAC and PAC air conditioning equipment. Then In 2004, JET officially introduced MHI VRF-KX product to the Jordanian market.

JET always seeks to keep building and sustaining its leadership position in the market, through offering top notch air-conditioning products by MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, and elite after sales service that is achieved by fast response, continuous support, and customer satisfaction. Not forgetting our team who is characterized by motivation, inspiration, and loyalty, that is derived from the spirit of our principles at work.

From our 29 years of business roots combined with experience that led to ever- growing solid base of Human Capital, and meaningful business relationships behind us, we always strive to provide consumers with the best.
Our Standards
We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity towards our consumers, Jordan Energy Technologies – JET employees, and to the society we serve. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take shortcuts. Our interactions with everybody are transparent and reflect the high standards we profess.

JET team is a family of exclusive caliber experts infused with new blood that brings in new ideas and developments. The way we do business let us maintain our client base of both commercial and residential, as it allows our clients the peace of mind when we deliver.

At JET we describe quality as a general excellence of the product we offer from MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Air-Conditioners, with the elite after sale service that we deliver to our clients, makes JET highly distinguished in front of it competitors in the market.
Our Vision
We always strive to give our best in Air Conditioning
as a company for the Jordanian market, by focusing on our client’s needs,
to cater them optimum solutions, up with latest advancements in the field
Our Mission
JET has established itself as a highly professional and reputable company, where it has developed business structure to provide its services through collaboration with MHI of Japan. Its highly skilled team through all departments are continuously updated through training to maintain their maximum level of competencies.
Our Values
Our principle rule for our operations simply provide the customer with highest quality of air conditioning equipment backed with the most efficient after sale service.