VRF Inverter Multi-System Air Conditioners

KXZ Product Line is extended up to 60HP
with combination of 3 outdoor units

PAC – Package Air Conditioners

Inverter Packaged Air-Conditioners
versatile selection of models in function
of your installation needs

RAC - Residential Air Conditions

Residential Inverter Air Conditioning
High Efficiency, Quite & Conformable Operation


MHI Introduces large variety of latest central
controllers & building management system.
Gateways that can control, monitor & schedule
up to 256 indoor units each

Our Products
VRF Inverter multi-system

KXZ Series Product line is utilized in commercial and residential applications. With high energy efficiency and advanced technologies, it allows long piping length, individual advance control for each zone and much more.

Inverter Packaged Air-Conditioners

The Modern and attractive design of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units is harmoniously integrated in any atmosphere creating pleasant relaxing environment.

Residential Inverter Air-Conditioners

Industry leading advanced Japanese technology in energy efficiency and high reliability from MHI advanced technology. R32 Resideutail hyper invertal spilt air conditioners.

Controllers & accessories
State of the art and up to date controllers in the market for individual and centralized use. Building management system addon feature, enables you to control, monitor and schedule at ease.
about us

Jordan Energy Technologies - JET has been established in 1991 it specializes in providing professional air conditioning solutions for Jordan’s commercial, residential and governmental market sectors. In 1996 JET was officially appointed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as Jordan’s sole distributor for its product line RAC and PAC air conditioning equipment. Then In 2004, JET officially introduced MHI VRF-KX product to the Jordanian market.

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